Why Web Hosting Will Change Your Life


Believe it or not, Web hosting can easily change your life. Being able to finally have your own avenue of expression on the Internet can dramatically change everything about you, from your ability to express yourself to thickening your wallet. These are just a few things that Web hosting can do to change your life. Express Yourself Everyone has opinions, but they usually just keep them inside or talking about them to close friend and family members. Web hosting gives you the chance to share that opinion with the whole world.

Not only that, but you can do it anonymously if you buy WHOIS protection and don’t reveal any personal details. Expressing yourself not only opens you up to new friends who will comment on your blog, but it can also make you money and make you feel more confident in yourself. Make Money Many people use the Internet to make money, and it’s fairly easy if you follow a proven strategy.

For example, just pick a niche, write some articles or sell some products and market your website. That’s all it takes to make some cash online. While only 2% of websites actually make a substantial amount of money, any of the extra money that you do make can go towards vacations, retirement and just having fun. If you want to make the most money, then just read some books on the subject and follow proven strategies. Get a Job Do you want a job or promotion? Did you know that a website can help you do it? If you are in a creative field or one that requires experience and skill more than accolades, then a website can help you.

For example, if you want to be hired as a writer, then posting your portfolio online can be very beneficial. If you want to work for an online marketing firm, then ranking websites for certain keywords will show that you know what you are doing. Start a Charity When most people think about starting charities, they think about having to organize events and rallying people around a cause. That takes a lot of time and work that most people simply don’t have. You can use Web hosting to easily become a more charitable person. Just make a website, write some content and post a donation button. This is one of the best ways to help a cause without burdening yourself.

Land a Date It might seem a little unconventional, but you can use Web hosting to land a date. Some people are attracted to tech savvy people that are willing to go the extra mile by putting themselves online. Instead of a boring social media profile, make a whole website about yourself. Post videos and pictures show what you love doing and why someone should date it. It’s a little weird, but it’s great for those of you that hate doing things the normal way. Conclusion Web hosting can definitely change your life if you use it correctly. However, you have to make sure that you don’t ignore your website. Just have a vision, stick with it and soon your website can change your life for the better.

Let’s Talk About Fat Cow

Fatcow is a budget web hosting site that has a few positive aspects, such as being an environmentally friendly company and a very affordable first year, but more negative aspects that may deter a prospective customer from using their services, such as extremely average customer service and numerous restrictions that may make running a viable business harder than it needs to be . Fatcow charges a $30 fee for the first year of hosting. After the first year of the extremely wallet friendly price of $30, Fatcow charges a significantly higher amount: $108 after the first year and for each subsequent year. The fee gets the customer unlimited domains, but there are limits on both bandwidth and disk space.

In addition to the inexpensive first year, Fatcow has a few other bonus features that might persuade a customer to try out their budget friendly web hosting.. Firstly, they offer a money back guarantee, but that is fairly standard among web host providers and is nothing out of the ordinary. Fatcow also offers marketing credit for Google adwords, Bing, and Facebook. Also, Fatcow is environmentally friendly, as all their servers are powered by wind energy. This can be a hot button issue for those customers who want to give their money to a Green company. Unfortunately, the positive aspects and features end with that very short list and most of the positives of Fatcow are features and services one would expect to find among most web hosting companies and are therefore, nothing special or noteworthy.

Some of negative features of Fatcow are poor customer service and substandard features. Fatcow’s chat support is subpar, making it difficult for the customer to ask quick questions. Many other web hosting companies will offer chat support that allows the customer to talk directly with a representative about questions that can be answered relatively quickly. Another unfortunate aspect is that they only offer shared hosting. This can pose a problem for customers who have sites that deal with high traffic, as Fatcow has many restrictions. People unfamiliar with web hosting may find it difficult to navigate their site, as Fatcow does not offer a universal cPanel. Furthermore, Fatcow has downtimes, which can be very frustrating and detrimental to customers who run high traffic sites. The lack of dedicated IPs also means that Fatcow would be a poor choice for any customer hoping to run a serious, well maintained business.

The original reviewer of Fatcow gave it a meager C+ and rates the company #8 on their top ten list of hosting providers, but notes that if the customer needs a cheap alternative to some of the more expensive web host providers, Fatcow may be a viable choice for the first year. Unfortunately, after the first year, it just isn’t worth it to pay $108 for substandard features, numerous restrictions, poor service, and average support. Like Weak Moves reviews about different web hosting companies, the reviewer also notes that Fatcow runs an iPage, which is another hosting company. The iPage company offers many of the same features as the original Fatcow company, and offers a different review for the iPage.

A Small Orange Was A Big Deal

the orange

For those users hosting large services, it might be difficult to explore the market when so much is at stake. This article will explain the options offered by one of the many smaller companies available to users so that those same users can explore the market without having to take the risk. ‘A Small Orange‘, or ASO, approaches its hosting duties a little bit differently from other hosts like HostGator. The standard hosting template involves selling seals, features, and sex appeal in a veritable stable of ‘beautiful girl advertisements’. ASO has the daring to be different, and even aesthetic differences can show the risky character of a company that’s thinking outside of the box.

The CEO of ASO is a former HostGator employee, which is an important credential to have when venturing into the uncharted territories of server hosting. A Small Orange has also received very encouraging reviews from users thus far, and while these positive points might seem like small fry when compared with questions over their features, bandwidth and abilities, users would be amazed to learn that a large amount of small fry can be weeded out by simply weighing their presentation together with their staff and reactions from trusted forums.

But onto the nitty gritty: ASO provides a clear and succinct impression of the bandwidth and disk space they allot users. They do not mislead you and exaggerate their services. Their entry level package is an affordable twenty eight dollars a year with coupon, which makes them the suitable fit for users who want to run several WordPress blogs and other undemanding services. A Small Orange also has a good variety of plans that should be able to fit a wide range of users.

Where ASO really shines is their customer service department. The industry standard customer service for server hosts is not exactly glowing, but A Small Orange will typically get back to their users within half an hour. Most host servers, believe it nor not, will take days to reply to queries, questions and concerns.

New users purchasing ASO are recommended to utilize this terrific customer service when exploring their packages, as the packages offered by a lesser known host like A Small Orange sometimes differ from the features and standards people are used to from larger hosts like HostGator. That said, A Small Orange does use the standard cPanel and Softaculous for their CMS script installs.

Relatively new server hosts like A Small Orange might lack the tried and true history that backs other hosts that have been in the game longer, but that’s not necessarily a point against them. As much as new hosts should be approached with caution, that same newness can lead to terrific innovations and prices that benefit the users.

HostGator Still A Good Bet?


HostGator is known for releasing a number of great HostGator coupon codes. One of their most common coupons was hosting for just $0.01 for the first month, but this has been replaced with a coupon that just makes the hosting free for the first month. They also have a number of percentage and face value coupons.

If you are getting shared hosting, then you can use their 25% or 30% off coupon. Obviously the 30% off one is better. They also have a percentage and face value coupon for reseller hosting, which is perfect if you want to make money by selling their hosting services. These coupons give you either $9.94 off your purchase, or 25% off depending on which coupon you choose.

The great thing is that HostGator is always releasing new coupons, so you can always get a good deal through them. Their pricing is already inexpensive, so you can save a few extra bucks by using one of their existing coupons.

Also, be sure to purchase their longer packages. Not only do they reduce the monthly rate, but it ensures that you save much more money if you use one of the percentage coupons.


Let me start off by saying that HostGator is great. Not only do they have a ton of amazing packages at a fair price, but they also offer many powerful features that the modern webmaster needs. However, HostGator has deteriorated a bit as of late.

Let me explain my thoughts on this before getting into why HostGator is still a great host. HostGator was acquired by EIG on June 2012. EIG is a huge hosting conglomerate that is known for owning and operating many of the Internet’s best and biggest hosts. They tend to offer inexpensive unlimited hosting, and they easily have millions of customers.

That being said, they have had consistent problems that you can see on all of their websites. The biggest problem is support. The support teams are often small, outsourced (as in, non-English speaking) and sometimes have problems helping you with issues that aren’t basic or related to billing.

This problem has affected HostGator. The support team is still very effective, and better than many of the other EIG hosts. However, the wait times are longer now, and the replies aren’t quite as informative as they used to be. You’ll still get the answer that you need, but it takes significantly longer and it might be a little frustrating.

As a side note, while EIG commonly outsources the support teams, HostGator’s support still comes right from Austin and Houston, Texas. This may or may not change in the future, but it seems like it will stay the same.

It seems like EIG has really ramped up the customer base via advertising, but forgot to scale up the support team. Some even think that there were layoffs to improve profit margins, but that hasn’t be proven yet.

Another problem with HostGator that has been around since its inception is that the entry-level package is terrible. It’s great if you have one domain, because that’s all that you can host. it really doesn’t give you enough power if you are a serious webmaster. However, the mid-level and higher packages are easily some of the best around in the unlimited circuit.

Pricing is also a bit higher than other shared hosts. For example, that terrible entry-level package starts at $3.96. You can easily find other shared hosts (both metered and unlimited) that allow you to host multiple or unlimited domains for the same or lower price. Their mid-level package starts at $6.36, which is high considering that the average price for shared hosting is $5 and under per month. At the same time, the pricing is justified considering the many features and excellent support (yes, it’s still excellent, just not as good) that you get with your purchase.

Now, onto the good. HostGator has many different packages; not just shared hosting. They have plans for VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting. They also cater to eCommerce users by offering 1-800 numbers and other essential features.

Money-back guarantees are also a cut above most hosts. First of all, you have 45 days to test their service. If you aren’t happy, then you get all of your money back. Not only that, but if you’re unhappy after the cutoff, then you’ll get a prorated refund. Believe it or not, this is uncommon.

HostGator uses cPanel, which makes managing a website a breeze. While their script installer is a little out of date (they are using QuickInstall instead of Softaculous), you can still install all of the popular scripts in no time. So, if you want to use Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, you’ll be in good shape.

The only problem with cPanel is that it’s a little difficult to reach. However, it’s not so bad that it’s really worth complaining about. Besides, if you have a CMS installed, then you’ll be spending most of your time in the admin section of the CMS and not cPanel. You can also alleviate this by doing all of your admin stuff at once, like setting up your email accounts and moving files (through FTP is better).

Uptime is a real treat. You have to consider this when you’re hosting a site because downtime can kill your blog or business. Despite its importance, most people don’t monitor how often their website is online. Many hosts fall a little short of their uptime guarantee, but HostGator offers one of the highest real uptime ratings among the shared hosts. You can really depend on them to keep your website afloat.

Many people have a positive experience with HostGator. They understand that webmasters sometimes have troubles, and they are more than willing to help. For example, they can help you get your files back if they are erased, or they will help you if there is a hacker. Not only that, but this is one of the most highly recommended hosts among customers.


While it has some problems and it’s not quite as good as it used to be, HostGator is still one of the top hosts. if you want a superior service, great money-back guarantee, a strong customer service team and a ton of features, then consider trying them and their HostGator coupon codes.

JustHost: more like JustDont

JustHost is a web hosting company offering unlimited domains, the cPanel interface, instant set-up, and a reasonable price. Unfortunately, customers have reported problems with their service. Some common issues include low uptime, too much internal advertising and upselling, only shared hosting, and poor customer service.

Here is the typical scenario of a dissatisfied user. After checking out a few affiliate ads and doing a bit of price comparison, the customer purchases a JustHost account and sets up their website. Everything seem fine for awhile, then as the site gets better known and hits go up, the site owner starts seeing outages. Some users report outages as high as 50 percent of the time. When the site owner complains and asks for help to various support channels including chat and email, they are told that there isn’t a problem. This can be very frustrating when it is clear that the site is regularly down. When the site owner provides proof of the problem, such as screen shots, the customer service personnel report that the problem has been fixed, When the customer again provides proof that their problem has in fact not been fixed, and even provide suggestions on how it might be fixed, for example switching it to a different server, the customer support channels remain unhelpful and often show little understanding of either the problem or the suggested solutions.

JustHost is heavily promoted by affiliates and network marketers often portraying themselves simply as happy, satisfied customers. This can make it difficult for those comparing web hosting options to get honest reviews. When support is outsourced and the only suggestions offered include standard fixes for anything, typically resetting your modem or router, or clearing your cache, then even if the company really does have a good product, it isn’t going to help you if you can’t get it to work right. The constant seesaw of having your site go up and down while trying repeatedly to find support staff who are truly helpful can sap the energy of even the most patient individual. It would be better to pay slightly more for another company and have that energy available for actually running your web site.

Keeping a simple HTML based website with a few pictures up and running should be an easy task even for beginning webmasters. Many dissatisfied customers found that their websites were experiencing frequent outages even before they had any serious traffic. In the past, JustHost has not shown that it is capable of providing a mostly functioning service with the type of user support that is capable of helping customers solve common problems. There are other hosting companies such as iPage and HostGator that may be worth taking a look at. To be fair, JustHost has recently been purchased by the Endurance International company. This may mean that in the future, they will show an improvement in their product and their customer support services. It appears that they are already switching to local support personnel as opposed to outsourcing that department which is sure to be a huge improvement.